16 Inmates Charged After Crazy Prison Fight Reminds Us To Never End Up There

Photo: DeshaCAM (Getty)

When I was young and I used to stay home sick from school, I of course used to watch some Maury. And one of my favorite segments, before Beyond Scared Straight rolled around, was to watch drill sergeants yell at unruly kids to keep them out of prison. Well, let’s just say I think I get why they wanted those kids to stay out of prison.

Sixteen inmates have been indicted on mob action charges after they were busted by police in the middle of an insane prison fight in a Chicago prison — a fight that was of course caught on video. Check it out below and we’ll discuss it further afterwards.

This is nuts. But shoutout to the only guy sitting down, just watching it all go down and staying out of harm’s way.

But we can’t give a shoutout to the guy who delivered a cheap shot towards the end.

Yeah, he’s probably going to pay for that soon.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says two inmates were taken to area hospitals for their injuries, which included puncture wounds. None of the injuries are considered life-threatening. Police say that they also recovered a homemade weapon after the fight.

No word on what that weapon is but my guess is that it was a sock filled with batteries. People still do that, right?

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