Machete-Wielding Man Gets Into Fight With Trashcan-Swinging Guy On NYC Street

Photo: Twitter

That’s New York for you.

Let me first start off by saying that the “fight” below is hilarious and should be watched by everyone. But first, the details. A 40-year-old man named Lewis Roman decided to grab a machete when he found himself in a confrontation with a 35-year-old Bronx man — who was defending himself with a metal trashcan.

According to the NY Daily News, the fight kicked off after an exchange between the two men escalated when Roman, thinking he was in a movie for some reason, showed the man a magazine clip to his pistol and said “I have a gun.” And well, that was apparently enough to get both idiots riled up.

Take a look at the fight filmed by NY resident Paul Tena.

What a show.

“The car was about to go on Broadway when the guy in the red shirt picked up the garbage can and threw it,” Tena said. “That’s when the other guy stopped the car and pulled out the machete.I kind of walked into this. My thing is, who has a machete in their trunk? On top of that, they’re pretty bad fighters.”

And as you can tell by the video above Roman is pretty terrible with a machete, so you know he would suck during a zombie apocalypse.

Roman was eventually arrested by police and charged with assault, criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. The other dude was taken to the hospital with a non-critical injury.

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