Florida Man Machete
Man with a machete on shoulder on a wall background

Meanwhile in Florida: Man Pulls Machete After Getting Rejected for Date (Imagine What He Does When He Gets Cheated On)

We’ve all been there. You see a pretty lady across the room. You know she’s out of your league, but you gather your courage and approach her to ask her out. Unfortunately, she declines. Naturally, the only thing you can do is…pull out a machete? Such was the case with a Florida man (because who else would it be?) named Leonard Thomas, who was arrested for aggravated assault after threatening a woman with Jason’s favorite weapon after she refused to go on a date with him. Honestly, we feel for the guy. It takes a lot of courage to approach somebody you’re attracted to. Good thing he had a freakin’ machete on him to save face. (We jest.) The guy currently remains incarcerated, so women everywhere can rest easy and continue rejecting whomever they please without fear.

Cover Photo: ilze79 (Getty Images)

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