Altar Boys Use Weed for Censer, Resulting in Best Church Service Ever

Two altar boys from Spain were arrested and detained for putting weed into the censer (basically the Catholic Church version of the incense burner) during Mass. At first, nobody noticed that the fragrance was not of their typical frankincense and mir. But after a few moments, the very distinct aroma of the devil’s lettuce infiltrated the cathedral, resulting in a service that probably led to many of the parishioners “seeing the light.”

One member of the congregation was quoted as saying, “It did not smell as always. It was a familiar smell, but I could not relate it to anything…but my son’s bedroom would sometimes smell like that.” Well, that boy could have a lot of explaining to do, as did the two altar boys. They were arrested after the service, but were freed without charge a short time later. Listen, we love a good practical joke every now and then. We also love cannabis. But if there’s one person you don’t wanna play a joke on, it’s God (though, to be fair, He/She probably thought it was awesome).

Cover Photo: P. Deliss (Getty Images)

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