Weed Edible

The Mandatory Guide to Eating Your First Weed Edible

Photo: svetikd (Getty Images)

With the offerings of THC-fueled treats ranging from simple snacks like pretzels and ice cream to full-blown entrées like buttered chicken with jasmine rice and green beans, the possibilities for the uninitiated to explore the stony frontiers of weed edibles are endless. And because the quality control of legalized weed products is so sophisticated, you can choose your exact dosage of both THC (the psychotropic ingredient in weed) and CBD (the non-psychoactive ingredient) per edible.

Although we welcome all levels into the wonderful world of edibles, this guide is meant for the dose scientifically known as the sucker punch. Because nothing can prepare you for the first time you get truly stoned by a powerfully crafted weed edible — well, except for this guide. So, if you are preparing to take this journey, all we can say is good luck, good sir, and may the weed gods smile on you during your quest for the ultimate, insane full-body high.

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