Meanwhile in California: Sisters of the Valley Nuns Grow and Smoke Their Own Weed (What Would Jesus Toke?)

If you think all nuns do all day is read the Bible, pray, and sing hymns, well, you haven’t heard of the Sisters of the Valley. These brides of Jesus do more than just live quiet, contemplative lives or charitable acts; they grow weed.

Based in Northern California, the collective of habit-wearers (which is not affiliated with the Catholic Church) started out growing pot from just 12 plants. Before the pandemic hit, it was banking more than $1 million in annual revenue selling holistic products made from its bounty of marijuana. (Of course, they keep some to smoke themselves, too.)

They honor Mother Earth over any kind of deity.

“We do things that are spiritual but none of us are associated with any religion specifically. Religions sell words but we want to do much more than that,” Sister Kate told The Sun. “We created something that is nonreligious, but it’s spiritual — and it’s very eco-feminist in nature.”

We wish these were the nuns at the front of the classroom when we were in private school, rather than those ruler-wielding taskmasters.

We just have one question, though: What would Jesus toke?

Cover Photo: Instagram



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