Meanwhile in Florida: Man Goes on Golf-Cart Rampage Through Walmart

The people of Walmart are truly a special bunch. They’re like all your drunk uncles and exiled cousins in one place. It’s only when Florida Man enters Walmart that they meet their most worthy match. Take 56-year-old Michael Dale Hudson, for example. He rode a golf cart on a rampage through a Florida Walmart store, running over several customers while demanding to speak to a manager before slamming the cart into a cash register. He was literally Florida Man, among the people of Walmart, asking to speak to the manager like a Karen. Wow, and this isn’t even a meme. Hudson was arrested and booked on aggravated assault, among other charges, because even Florida frowns upon running over people with a golf cart. This guy should win some sort of Florida Man award for being from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Photo: David Madison (Getty Images)

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