Comedian Plants Fake Products On Store Shelves, Hilarity Ensues

When you go shopping, it’s best to read the warning labels on whatever products you purchase. They contain important information that could be of benefit to you in the long run. This habit can also save you from taking home fake products that one comedian has been gagging people with in Los Angeles. Jeff Wysaski, an L.A.-based funnyman, has been placing gag products on store shelves and the items he’s been fooling people with are absolutely hilarious. From “Barley Any Ketchup” to “Muppet Screams,” the products are his funny way of trolling everyone and we’re all for it.

This guy has been doing this for four years and he’s never been caught. He apparently goes in during peak hours, plants his products, and makes a clean getaway without any kind of suspicion. The efforts have garnered him over 284,000 followers on Instagram, which isn’t a surprise because the page is a great scroll.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Cover Photo: @obviousplant Instagram

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See more of Wysaski’s products here.

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