Amy Schumer Changes Son Gene Attell’s Name After Realizing It Sounds Like a Raunchy Punch Line

Comedians are usually experts at wordplay, but somehow this one slipped by comic Amy Schumer. The stand-up funny woman and movie star gave birth to her first child with chef husband Chris Fischer almost one year ago. The couple named him Gene Attell Fischer and announced his arrival on social media. Internet trolls immediately alerted the new parents to the fact that the baby’s name sounded precariously close to “genital.” (Not to mention the fishing imagery the last name lends itself to.)


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Gene Attell Fischer And his dad Chris.

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Schumer acknowledged the moniker mishap on her podcast 3 Girls, 1 Keith, but didn’t rush to change the boy’s name, perhaps because the “Attell” part was meant to honor fellow comedian and friend Dave Attell. Schumer took the stage at Carolines on Broadway in New York City with Attell during her pregnancy and he appeared in her movie Trainwreck. While the gesture of incorporating Attell into her son’s name was well-intentioned (if a tad creepy), Schumer must have tired of the online teasing, because she has officially changed her son’s name to Gene David Fischer. We can’t wait to see how she’ll incorporate this embarrassing experience into her next stand-up set. Everything’s material, right?

Cover Photo: Jackson Lee / Contributor (Getty Images)

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