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Amy Schumer’s New Docuseries About Difficult Pregnancy Will Cure Your Girlfriend’s Baby Fever

If you date a woman long enough, the subject of babies is bound to come up. While our culture loves to romanticize what being pregnant and becoming a new parent involve, the reality is much harder – and messier. If encouraging your better half to babysit for your friends’ (yowling, sticky, stinky) kids doesn’t cure her of her baby fever, Amy Schumer’s new HBO Max docuseries, Expecting Amy, will.

The raunchy comedian became pregnant in her late 30s shortly after marrying professional chef Chris Fischer in 2018. She began documenting the pregnancy while simultaneously doing a 60-show tour and filming her Netflix comedy special Growing. As early as five weeks pregnant, Schumer began experiencing a severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), the main symptom of which is constant, violent vomiting. In fact, the docuseries features as many shots of Schumer throwing up – in the bathroom, in the car, on the street – as it does jokes. Neither oral medications or suppositories eased her symptoms.

At one point, Schumer vomited blood and the blood vessels in one of her eyes broke because of the force of the heaving. After one five-hour barf fest, Schumer had to go to the emergency room and was hospitalized. Because HG often causes dehydration, it can be fatal. It’s also dangerous to the baby; one in three infants-to-be will die before reaching their full-term delivery date if their mom has HG. Luckily, Schumer and her baby both survived and she gave birth to a baby boy via a “really scary” C-section in 2019. If all that isn’t enough to deter your girlfriend from the baby-making track, nothing will.

But seriously; don’t just watch Expecting Amy to turn your girlfriend off procreation. In addition to witnessing one of the sweetest couples ever navigate marriage, Schumer manages to make jokes even in the worst circumstances – like a priceless dick joke in the ER. Expecting Amy has all the makings of a great date night feature – with the bonus of birth control.

Cover Photo: HBO Max

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