Game On: ESPN Moves Up ‘The Last Dance’ Docuseries About ’90s Bulls to April

None of us can remember a time quite like this in the sports world. Sure, there are times during the year when few professional sports are played in the U.S., but there’s no time of the year when absolutely no sports are being played. That is, until now. In a pre-COVID-19 world the NHL, NBA, MLS, and MLB would all be currently playing. Now, without mainstream sports, networks and announcers are in uncharted territory. Joe Buck has decided to do quarantine play-by-play for random internet videos and ESPN looks more like The Ocho than ever. Not only did the network air a tournament of NBA players playing video games against each other, but there are talks of a potential televised H-O-R-S-E tournament (yes, really). The only other option is to relive classic games. Sure, that’s fun, but we all need something better to look forward to. Luckily, on top of its wacky programming, ESPN has decided to drop a highly anticipated docuseries early.

ESPN announced last week that due to the fact that all of us are stuck in our homes and bored to tears without sports to watch, they’re going to premiere the show about Michael Jordan’s last championship season with the Chicago Bulls beginning on April 19. Originally, the docuseries titled The Last Dance wasn’t going to hit ESPN and Netflix until June, so it’s a nice treat for sports fans everywhere.

Photo: JEFF HAYNES / Contributor (Getty Images)

Sure, social media can be a bit of a burden in these trying times. But, you can thank tireless Twitter users for making this happened as they bombarded ESPN with tweets asking for the doc to be released earlier than originally planned and it actually worked. Maybe they’ll start a campaign for other TV shows to be released early. (Fingers crossed for Stranger Things season four ASAP.)

Check out some of our favorite Jordan GIFs to get you pumped for this television event.

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