Dennis Rodman

RANKED! The 8 Best Dennis Rodman Badass Moments In History

To say that Dennis Rodman is a character is an extreme understatement. The wedding gown-wearing, heavily tattooed, nose-ringed, bad boy threw elbows and defended the hoop for the Pistons, Spurs, Lakers, and a handful of other teams from 1986 to 1999. But, the most memorable run the neon-haired Rodman had was with the Chicago Bulls where the Hall of Famer anchored the defense during the ’96 and ’97 championship seasons.

He’s a major player (to say the least) in the ESPN docuseries The Last Dance. If you aren’t from the ’90s and you didn’t guess it from the title, the series chronicles Michael Jordan’s sixth (and final) championship season of 1997-1998. The first two episodes on the series centered around Scottie Pippen and the third is a deep dive into Rodman. In honor of that, we decided to rank the eight most badass moments in the life and career of Dennis Rodman.

Photo: Jeff Haynes (Getty Images)

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