Dennis Rodman Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To North Korean Leader

dennis rodman

This is a video sure to gain even more attention than Tuesday's CNN debacle.

The Dennis Rodman-led team of former U.S. NBA players played their 'scrimmage' against a team of North Koreans in the capital of Pyongyang early Wednesday as a birthday present to Kim Jong-Un. Although most of the U.S. players believed the reasoning of their trip involved hopefully opening doors to diplomacy, Rodman took his display of 'friendship' with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to new heights by literally singing "Happy Birthday" to him Marilyn Monroe style…ish.

Not only is the footage bizarre due to the fact we get a glimpse inside the extreme communist structure of the nation — I mean, you could cut the air with a knife inside this gym — but former New York Knick, Charles Smith, who continues to sound like the only voice of reason, even questions whether or not this game was the "right thing to do" towards the end of this video.

The North Koreans reportedly won the match (of course they did) — like it really matters. The NBA and the Retired Players' Association have both made it clear they did not endorse the trip of these players or the statements made by Rodman.

Kim Jong-Un not only recently murdered his uncle, among other senior leaders, but has also kept Korean-American tour guide and evangelist, Kenneth Bae, captive for more than a year.

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