The Last Dance

Mandatory Showdown: The Final Season of ‘Seinfeld’ v. The Final Season of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls (Who Had the Better Last Dance in 1998?)

The TV world granted sports fans a wish over the course of the last five weeks, airing ESPN’s The Last Dance in two consecutive one-hour episodes per week, giving the grand illusion of live sports every Sunday night during this quarantine life we find ourselves in. The argument of LeBron James or Michael Jordan was permanently put on hold as we all delved deep into the dramatic escapades of the 1990s Chicago Bulls multiple three-peat NBA championship runs that captivated the world for a decade. The Bulls were the greatest show on earth during their tenure, with only one paralleling TV counterpart during that time who could even be mentioned in the same stratosphere of popularity in the ’90s: Seinfeld. 

So it bears the question, which is the better and more memorable depiction of the ’90s? Which is the better TV show now? With that in mind, we give you a Mandatory battle of epic proportions: Seinfeld verses The Last Dance. 

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As Jerry Seinfeld once told George Costanza, “always go out on a high note.” The Last Dance tragically concluded after five of the greatest weeks of sports fans’ lives, leaving us all wanting more. This documentary was more than a walk down memory lane, it was a memory so thick and detailed we had to brush it away from our faces from time to time, just to come back to reality. Much like watching MJ’s championship years in the ’90s, even during the moment, you knew you were seeing something special and un-reproducible during The Last Dance. Art imitated life, and life imitated art for two hours a week over 10 episodes of TV, and just like Jordan’s rise to dominance, the story behind his greatness brought us to the edge of our seat, always wanting more, expecting to see the unexpected, and never wanting it to end.

Winner (and now 7-time champion): The Last Dance

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