‘Seinfeld’ Gets a Netflix Arrival Date, Finally All Is Well With the World (Plus Our 15 Favorite Funny GIFs of Jerry and the Gang)

Get ready to fire up the old Netflix tube because starting October 1 Seinfeld is coming to everybody’s favorite streamer. The show about nothing that conquered pop culture and coined the phrase “must-see TV” is hoping to do it again for a whole new generation of fans.

While most classic shows are getting into the reboot game, Seinfeld is doing things a little differently. And why not? The show which premiered in 1989 is already poised to top Netflix’s watchlist the moment it lands. With staying power like that, there’s no reason to hop on the latest trend.

In fact, Netflix is so dang excited about the arrival of Seinfeld they even made a trailer:

Will the Netflix bump do for Seinfeld what it did for The Office? Experts predict the show will be a huge hit for the streaming platform upon its arrival, exposing the greatest sitcom of all time to tens of millions of people who’ve never seen it.

Watch them all (except the last one) in one continuous stream. Or break them up into bite-sized chunks between heaping spoonfuls of reality all while pretending the world is still living in the ’90s and the past 25 years have been one bad dream. (That’s our plan.)

All 180 episodes are ready to stream starting day one. And with the entire show needing a measly 66 hours to binge, watch out for some seriously slow Netflix connections come October.

Cover Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

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