More popular than Jesus.

Serenity Now! The 40 Greatest ‘Seinfeld’ GIFs of All Time

Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

There was a time when Thursday night was the most important night of the week, and it was all because of Seinfeld. It’s been over two decades since the sitcom went off the air, leaving an ‘inane banter about the things that matter’ comedy vacuum that has yet to be filled. So pack a lunch, we’re going to have to make it last.

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Before on-demand, Netflix-and-chill, YouTube, and all the other ways we get our entertainment faster than a handful of pretzels to the gullet, network television held the keys to the television kingdom and us masses had to show up at the appointed time each week to catch our favorite characters: Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, all of whom were more popular (and much funnier) than Jesus.

In honor of the best sitcom of all time, we bring you our favorite GIFs from the “yada yada yadas” to “these pretzels are making me thirsty.”

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