The Simpsons
Will the Simpsons live forever?

40 Stupid Sexy ‘Simpsons’ GIFs to Highlight 700 Episodes And Counting

Photo: Fox (Getty Images)

Age ain’t nothing but a number – but in the case of The Simpsons, that number is freaking huge. Who would have thought that what began as a ragtag variety show cartoon would eventually grow into the longest-running scripted television show in prime time history? With Fox’s renewal guaranteeing its 700th episode, The Simpsons has grown way beyond a cultural fixture; syndicated on multiple stations around the world, named the 20th century’s best television show by Time magazine, and occupying a special place in the global psyche that few have ever visited. They say a Simpsons GIF is worth a thousand chuckles. So let’s cue the parting clouds and heavenly choir as we enter: The Simpsons

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