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CBD Donuts Combine Your Two Greatest Weaknesses, Weed and Overeating

Photos courtesy of Blue Star Donuts

You might’ve laughed when your know-it-all hipster friends tried to sell you on the merits of CBD lattes, but only because that’s so last year. Everyone who’s anyone knows CBD donuts are the trend to beat, brilliantly combining your two greatest weaknesses: anything involving weed and your inability to deny yourself deep-fried treats.

The only way it gets any better than this is if they delivered it to your bedside.

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Blue Star Donuts is calling their latest seasonal flavor, CBD Chocolate Hazelnut Custard. With or without the CBD, this donut sounds like stoner paradise. It starts with an 18-hour brioche shell stuffed with a Valrhona dark chocolate custard filling that’s infused with a combination of Oregon Hazelnut extract and Güüd CBD and topped with homemade hazelnut powder.

If you need more eye-candy incentives to get your filthy hands on some, here:

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How far would you travel to get your hands on a sexy CBD donut? Let us know in the comments!