Roses Are Red, But a Box of Green Is Way Better For a Good Valentine (Give the Gift of Weed This V-Day!)

Roses are red, and violets are blue, but a box of weed is going to make a very green Valentine’s Day for you.

While the uninitiated may be seeing reds of hearts and cupid butt rashes this year, wise and sage lovers are celebrating love with the one thing that truly binds us: sticky Mary Jane. Lowell Farms, an organic fixture of the cannabis company is swapping out the age-old oversized box of select refined sugars and muffin-top making chocolates with a low-fat, high-quality gift box that shows you really care.

With three prerolls, each one gram of select strains ranging from sativa to indica to a hybrid (the best of both hemispheres), it’s the gift that’s worth giving the whole year, but especially Valentine’s Day, a non-holiday reserved by Americans to do thoughtful chores deemed out of the ordinary. While many a man is happy to buy flowers any Sunday morning, this rosebud calendar day has us dipping deeper in our pockets to say things that might feel misaligned with our intentions. Instead of saying “I love you” with red roses, boxes of calories and reservations at a restaurant you may very well despise for its overpriced olives and diabetic-inducing desserts, why not give the gift you both want: a highly sharable gift from the modern world in the traditional packaging that doesn’t break the bank? Weed says I truly care, and I’m willing to invest in something that will make dinner taste better, sex feel greater and this movie about a clown riot more watchable.

Because when it comes to love, it’s better to be honest and say what you really feel: Let’s get high, lose our pants and then lose ourselves. If you’re planning to #LetSparksFly this V-day, make sure it involves a lighter and a good old-fashioned top-shelf flower-rolled doobie (or three) from your friends at Lowell Farms, classy to end.

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