Moira Rose’s Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Giving Guide (When You’re the Schittiest at Relationships and Gifts)

You can only fake being shitty at relationships for so long, and Valentine’s Day is usually one of those uh-oh moments that can last up to 24 hours. And without enough wine and aspirin, things can get pretty ugly, but luckily for you, Moira Rose, the world’s Schittiest mother (from Schitt’s Creek), is here to help your stunted lover’s growth. For last-minute ideas on affordable, beautiful ways to say “I love you, and I swear I didn’t forget what day it is,” we only have one: Bloom Nation (it’s like Etsy for flowers). Otherwise, we just have a bunch of classic Moira moments and GIFs that teach us how inept we are when it comes to love, how it doesn’t really matter if we embrace it with a bit of humor, and how Valentine’s Day really is a pointless holiday that forces us to act slightly inauthentic in fear that our partners won’t show us the love on social media.

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