Meanwhile in Florida: Mom Leaves Kids on Bus to Smoke Weed, Alternative Parenting Style Denied

Listen, we know there are numerous ways to raise one’s children. We’re not here to say one style is better than any other. But we do know that you probably shouldn’t leave your three children in an abandoned bus to go smoke weed with your friends. Unfortunately, a Florida mom named Andrea Kerins did not agree, as that’s exactly what the 33-year-old recently did. Officers stated that they found a bus with a sign that read “Meg’s Playhouse and Preschool” parked in an abandoned parking lot near the beach. Upon entering the bus, an officer found three children, a bin of perishable food, and a bucket that was being used, presumably, as a toilet.

After locating Kerins, she admitted to leaving her kids on the bus while she went on a boat to smoke weed with friends. She has since been charged with neglect and has lost custody of her children. Maybe next time she’ll act like a grown-up and just drink at home while her kids are locked up in the closet because she’s playing “hide and seek” with them, except she forgot to actually seek them and when they finally emerge from the closet, they find her passed out on the couch while old episodes of Law and Order are playing in the background. That’s how we were raised and, by God, we’re better off for it.

Cover Photo: Ed Freeman (Getty Images)

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