Jagermeister Unveils Ugly Christmas Sweater, Hoping to Make Jager Drinkers Look Just As Bad on the Outside

The only thing more important than getting drunk at Christmas is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. And famed winter tonic purveyor Jägermeister is finally getting in on the game by releasing signature knitwear featuring their beloved stag. While the cozy jumper is now available for all budding sweater champions, it probably won’t win you any ugly sweater contests. Unfortunately, Jägermeister’s Christmas sweater didn’t hit enough branches when it fell from the ugly Christmas tree. (We blame the magnificent hue of green.) But it’s certainly ugly enough to get you priority boarding on all Alaska flights this holiday season. For more inspiration on the ugliest of sweaters, check out these first-place winners from Christmas past. And celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day in style.

Photo: RyanJLane (Getty Images)

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