New Jägermeister Bottle Is Brilliantly Designed For Summer Sipping

Photo: Jägermeister

When the summer heat starts to kick in, keeping your drinks cold will start to be a priority. There are few things more appalling on a hot day then sticking your hand into a cooler only to be met with lukewarm water surrounding your beloved beers instead of frozen ice. The folks at Jägermeister obviously feel your collective pain because they just launched a product designed to keep all of your favorite summer beverages cold. The kicker is that it’s a drink itself.

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It’s called Jägermeister COOLPACK and it looks like a frozen flask. The bottle was designed to chill the liqueur to -18°C really fast. That means the Jager will stay cold for a longer time and it’s the perfect addition to your summer beach cooler. Who doesn’t love afternoon shots of Jager at the beach, right?

Photo: Jägermeister


But this isn’t the only liqueur that’d be perfect for beach shots, after dinner sipping, and mixing into your favorite cocktails. Below are some of our best boozy suggestions.

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