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America The Booze-iful: The Best Beers To Drink On Your Next Nature Adventure

Photo: Morsa Images (Getty Images)

Nothing complements nature like a cold beer.

When you’re in the great outdoors hiking, camping, or canoeing, the right brew can make the experience that much more profound. Breckenridge Brewing, located in the same state as Rocky Mountain National Park, knows this, and it’s why the brewery started Pints for Parks. This program gives proceeds from every pint of Breckenridge beer back to the National Park Service.

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If you’ve ever ventured to the Grand Teton in Wyoming, Yosemite in California, or Acadia in Maine, the National Park Service is part of what made your visit so breathtaking. Since the summer is the busiest season for the National Parks, Breckenridge wants to ensure our National Parks will be here for us and future generations.

But Breckenridge isn’t the only beer we enjoy in the great outdoors. Here are a few more of our favorite beers to drink while we’re out in the wild.

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