Support (And Drink) Local: Music-Inspired Beers For National Record Store Day

Photo: Flint/Fuse (Getty Images)

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well. This is especially true if you’re doing something involving beer and vinyl. That’s why it’s such a big deal that Dogfish Head announced that it’s now the official brewery of Record Store Day, celebrated this year on Saturday, April 13.

If you don’t know what Record Store Day is, then you probably prefer your music streamed with earbuds than played over speakers from a record player. This annual event, which began in 2008, was created to give fans of independent record stores an opportunity to purchase special releases and take part in fun events.

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As the official brewery of Record Store Day, Dogfish Head collaborated on a beer with the iconic band the Grateful Dead called American Beauty Pale Ale. The brewery and the band also collaborated on a limited-edition 10-track vinyl album called Sage and Spirit. Dogfish Head is also re-releasing Dragons & YumYums, their imbibable collaboration with The Flaming Lips.

In honor of Record Store Day, we pulled together a greatest hits list of music-themed beers.

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