Magically Delicious Cereal-Flavored Beer Has Arrived In Time For St. Patrick’s Day Drinking

Photo: Jenniveve84 (Getty Images)

If you were like us, you weren’t allowed to have sugary cereals very often when you were a kid. It was all Corn Flakes, Cheerios, and Rice Krispies for us. But, when our parents weren’t looking, we added a few heaping spoons of sugar to our previously sugarless cereal. We might as well have been eating the cereals we really wanted. We’re talking about Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, and the king of the sugary cereals: Lucky Charms.

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Now that we’re adults, nobody can stop us from visiting a local grocery store and grabbing a box of Lucky Charms and a half gallon of milk. Cereal is the perfect meal for lazy people. It requires very little preparation time and can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night. The only thing that could make a sugary cereal better would be if it were chocked full of booze.

Photo: Smartmouth Brewing

Sadly, there’s no alcohol-infused cereal (that we know of). But, Virginia’s Smartmouth Brewing Company is set to release a beer on March 2 called “Saturday Morning” that should make every fan of ‘80s cartoons, sugary cereal, and beer extremely happy.

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This 6.6 percent ABV limited-edition IPA was brewed with toasted marshmallows and the dehydrated marshmallow bits we stole out the Lucky Charms box as kids before our siblings could get to them. It was hopped and dry-hopped with Galaxy and Calypso hops, giving the beer a hop kick to go along with the cereal, marshmallow, and overall fruitiness of this interesting beer. But, according to the brewery’s website, “It won’t taste like a bowl of cereal.” Still, it will be “magically ridiculous.”

The only way to get some of this deliciousness is by visiting the brewery’s Norfolk or Virginia Beach locations and grabbing a draft or a four-pack of 16-ounce cans.