Throwback Brews: These Beers Pair Perfectly With Your Favorite ’80s Movies

Photo: Warner Bros.

There’s something special about ’80s movies. Maybe it’s the nostalgia or the simplicity.

It was an era when John Hughes, Bill Murray, and John Candy defined what film could be, and that mostly meant it was going to be funny. Whether we vicariously time-traveled with Marty McFly, road-tripped to Wally World with the Griswolds, or played hooky with Ferris Bueller, some of our favorite memories were those that took place onscreen.

Now that we’re entrenched in adulthood, we can enjoy a nice cold brew (or six) while we climb aboard the nostalgia express and watch our favorite ‘80s movies, but you have to do it with the right beer, which is why we’ve paired them.

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