Bud Light

Brews News: Bud Light’s New Brew Is An Insult To Beer Lovers Everywhere

Photo: Matt Carey (Getty Images)

Bud Light has officially gone too far.

The beer brand recently announced its newest product: Bud Light Lemon Tea. This questionable beverage is made with lemon peels and tea leaves to give it a subtle, sweet taste. While that may sound refreshing, it’s not what we want from beer. (But maybe your grandmother would like it.)

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Photo: Bud Light

This downright undrinkable brew joins fellow flavor bastards Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Orange. Thank goodness this imbibable mistake is a limited-time-only venture and should be off shelves by fall.

There are other fruity beers that won’t make you want to gag. We did the taste-testing so you don’t have to.

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