Brews News: Beer-Flavored Lollipops Are a Great Way to Get Kids Into the Fun of Drinking

Photo: Coors Light

Obviously, it was going to come to this. We’ve seen the ridiculous rise of craft brewing in the last two decades. Currently, more than 9,000 breweries are making pale ales, lagers, IPAs, milkshake IPAs, stouts, and any number of smooth-like fruited sours. But with all of these beers available and the pushing of the brewing envelope in terms of flavors combinations and unique ingredients, it was only a matter of time before someone made beer-flavored lollipops. Yes, really.

Called “Chillollipops,” Coors Light is selling a six-pack of beer-flavor lollipops from now until the end of the NCAA basketball tournament. You might be wondering what beer-flavor suckers have to do with college basketball. Well, in that case, you probably never bet your rent that a twelve seed would beat a five seed only to lose everything on a last-second three-pointer.

Apparently, sucking on lollipops and hard candies has a calming effect that helps alleviate the stress and anxiety of following along with your office pool bracket and paying way too much attention to the leading scorer of a small school you’ve never heard of, let alone can find on a map.

These beer-flavored lollipops were created to taste just like Coors Light, including the foam at the top. Sadly, these lollipops, while made for adults, don’t actually contain any alcohol. So, if you want to suck on something that tastes like stale beer with none of the buzzy benefits, you can grab a six-pack of these bad boys at for the low price of $3.17 (to commemorate the start of the tournament).