Keto Diet Low Carb Beer

Low-Carb Beer Promises All the Wonder Without the Beer Gut

Photo: Maksym Azovtsev (Getty Images)

It seems like every month a new diet craze sweeps the nation, carrying our favorite high-calorie, carb-filled foods away with it (we miss bread). One of the newest diets du jour is the keto (or ketogenic) diet. It’s heavy on fat and protein but low on carbs.

But just because you’re on a diet that doesn’t mean you want to give up all of your vices. Luckily, one of the newest trends in the craft beer world is low-carb, low-calorie beers. One of the newest is the keto-friendly Slightly Might Lo-Cal IPA from Dogfish Head.

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This trend of brewers shifting their brews to healthy, physically fit drinkers has us wondering what other beers are available. Sure, we enjoy a heavy, 12-percent ABV barrel-aged imperial stout from time to time, but we can definitely rock a refreshingly crushable light beer on a hot day. Check out some of our favorites below.

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