The 6 Best Beer Pong Drinks For a Tasty Ass Kicking

Photo: DisobeyArt (Getty Images)

If you’re a little rusty on your beer pong, it’s time to dust off those red plastic cups. When it comes to party games, there’s nothing better, especially in summer. While some of you might be bold enough to fill your cup (all the way? really?) with whichever liquor you’re soaking your liver in that night, we recommend these top six beers if you want a tasty drink while you kick some ass.

The lighter the beer, the better your game. We both know if you fill your cups with a heavy stout, you might shit yourself before the game is over. And wine is a surefire path to a good blackout (or a brown-out at the least).

Here are tips for the best beers in a timeless game of drinking. Hint: If the beer is warm, you’ve already lost.

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