The 6 Best Sour Beers For A Sweet Summer Behind The Grill

Photo: valentinrussanov (Getty Images)

The season of sour beers is upon on. Popular throughout the world for centuries, the trend of tart, sour, and sometimes salty beers is relatively new in the American craft beer world. In the last decade, brands like Dogfish Head, New Belgium, Westbrook, Wicked Weed, and Russian River have led the charge with award-winning offerings to appeal to the whole spectrum of sourness.

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We love sour beers in the warmer months because they’re perfectly suited for a hot day in the sun (or a mild evening by a bonfire) and pair well with all of our favorite summer foods. Grilled and smoked meats and sour beers were practically made for each other.

Pour a glass of one of these perfect sour beers at your next barbecue.

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