7 Smart and Easy Grilling Hacks To Master While The Ice Begins To Melt

Photo: SolStock (Getty Images)

The Grillmaster (aka the BBQ Daddy aka The Host With The Roast) is the puppetmaster of the cookout. He builds a fire to cook meat and thereby controls the temperature of any poppin’ summertime soiree. But in these frigid temperatures, the grillmaster is in a state of stasis, passively prepping his grill and upping his barbecue game. This way he can emerge at the first signs of summer powered up and ready for grilling like the pro he is.

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If you fancy yourself a master griller and want to use your pregame time wisely, here are some tip to get your party started.

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How do you prepare your grill before summer? Is there anything you do that sets you aside from the common grillmaster? Let us know in the comments.

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