KFC’s New ‘Festive Burger’ Is a Christmas Dinner Between Two Buns

We all know about the smell of chestnuts roasting on a proverbial open fire. But, how about the savory scent of fried chicken? Sure, the holidays aren’t necessarily known for KFC (unless you live in Japan), but in the last two years, the wafting smell of fried chicken is getting as commonplace as pine needles, mulled wine, and Jimmy Dean sausage-scented wrapping paper (also a real thing). That’s because KFC has been selling fried chicken-scented fire logs. This year, they were even available at Walmart. Sadly, they’re already sold out. But, all is not lost. Instead of stinking up your house with a vague, chemically-enhanced scent of greasy chicken, you can just celebrate the holidays by munching on a new seasonal monstrosity known as KFC’s Festive Burger.

While this sandwich is indeed “festive,” it’s definitely not a burger. There isn’t any beef involved. The sandwich is made up of a KFC original recipe fried, boneless, chicken filet topped with cheese, a hash brown (because nothing says “happy holidays” like a hash brown), sage stuffing-flavored mayonnaise, and a dollop of tangy cranberry sauce. Sadly, just like haggis, Irn-Bru, and other delicious British delicacies, this sandwich is only available in the U.K. But, if you want one of your own, just buy a chicken sandwich and bring it to your next holiday meal and add a bit of every side before munching down on it.

Photo: KFC

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