Viral Tweet About KFC’s Logo Ensures You’ll Never See the Colonel the Same Way Again

What do you see when you look at the KFC logo? A smiling Colonel Sanders, of course. But do you notice anything else about the fried chicken mogul? A bow tie, perhaps? What about a body? Well, if you caught this viral tweet recently, now you’re seeing something else entirely.

“My wife just confessed that for her entire childhood she thought Colonel Sanders’ bow tie was his whole body and now I can’t stop seeing a tiny stick body every time I look at him,” Freddie Campion tweeted alongside two images of the iconic fast-food businessman.

Now that he’s introduced this new perspective, there’s no way we can go back to our previous interpretation. Colonel Sanders will forever have chicken legs.

And that’s not the only logo we’re now calling into question. Twitter was eager to share others that could be interpreted any number of ways.

Is this manipulative marketing? Or inadvertent optical illusions? Either way, one thing’s for sure: we may never see the KFC logo the same way again, but the euphoria we feel when we stuff our faces in a bucket of extra crispy will never change.

Cover Photo: KFC

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