KFC Makes Lifetime Movie Starring Mario Lopez as Hunky Colonel, As We Coin the Phrase ‘Hangry Trap’

Here’s a premise for a Lifetime movie: A beautiful heiress isn’t all that happy that her mother picked a mate for her. She’s feeling bummed about the whole situation until a handsome chef arrives to stop her heartbreak and fill her belly with fried chicken. It all sounds kind of normal until the fried chicken part, right? Did we mention the chef is Colonel Sanders? While it seems like a silly joke (it still kind of is), it’s a real short film. You can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, Saved by the Bell alum Mario Lopez is playing the aforementioned Colonel, secret ingredients and all, when it drops on the network at noon on Dec. 13. While we do wish they put in the budget for a feature-length film, the 15-minute run time is probably all people can handle anyway. How many “finger-lickin’ good” jokes can they make without the whole premise getting a little stale (pun intended)?

The Lifetime original movie, presented by Kentucky Fried Chicken, is titled aptly (and cheekily) A Recipe for Seduction. If the trailer is any indication, this isn’t going to be like a simple trip to your local KFC to grab a bucket of Original Recipe. There’s intrigue, rivalry, passion, a secret recipe, and possibly…murder? The only way to find out is to watch the film when it drops on Dec. 13. We couldn’t imagine a better early holiday present. Well, except a new Xbox or PS5. Those would both be much better. This is OK, too.

Photo: Lifetime

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