Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig’s Secret Lifetime Movie To Air This Month

will ferrel, kristen wiig

Will Ferrell you evil genius. After releasing a statement that his not-so-secret Lifetime movie alongside Kristen Wiig had been scrapped, it has been reported that the film is indeed a real thing and will air later this month.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lifetime have confirmed the premiere of A Deadly Adoption via a massive billboard on Hollywood Boulevard. The film’s tagline reads, “The birth of a plan gone wrong.” The film will reportedly air on Saturday, June 20th – even though the billboard says “Sunday”, June 20th is actually a Saturday. 

Ferrell kept the world on its toes about this project, after details of it first surfaced on April 1st (on April Fool’s Day no-less). The next day Ferrel issued a statement that Lifetime had pulled the movie because he and Wiig were “deeply disappointed” that the “top secret” project had leaked.

“Kristen and I have decided it is in the best interest for everyone to forego the project entirely, and we thank Lifetime and all the people who were ready to help us make this film,” read the statement. But it it looks like they were just playing with our heartstrings.

A Deadly Adoption reportedly follows a successful couple take in a pregnant woman, played by Jessica Lowndes, in the hopes of adopting her unborn child. The film is described by THR as “a campy, fun, contemporary wink at the genre”. 

Given the way this whole thing has played out, this one should be a fun one to watch. That is unless they’re having us on again. You can never really tell with Ferrell and Wiig.