Snowplow Parents: The Latest Trend in Adults Ruining Children (And Other Funny Trends We Made Up)

Photo: izusek (Getty Images)

We’ve all heard the term Helicopter Parents or Tiger Mom, these witty nicknames describing overprotective parents who lord over their kids with an overbearing pressure. Now, there’s a new term to add to the list: Snowplow Parents.

While it doesn’t have the same ring as previous monikers, the meaning is shared. Clearing the path of every obstacle (sometimes at any cost) leaves children unable to face real challenges, thus preventing them from growing into the fully-awesome adults they ought to be.

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Edison famously made 1,000 attempts before he got the lightbulb right. If he had snowplow parents raising him, we’d still be living in the Dark Ages. Check out what we suspect to be the next trends in hot new parenting traps that will likely rob kids of having their own life, pimples and all.

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