April Fools and Fails: 20 GIFs to Bring Out the Prankster in Us All

Photo: John Howard (Getty Images)

To the prankster go the spoils. For some impish souls, April Fools’ Day is like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July, all wrapped up into one. There’s a reason why nearly every mythology in the world has a god of mischief (we’re looking at you, Loki). Because everyone loves a good prank.

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The origins of the naughty holiday are a little foggy but at least date back to the Canterbury Tales, an English book of stories from 1392. This longstanding tradition of good-natured trickery has been practiced ever since, giving the devious side of ourselves a chance to run free without reprisals for one beautiful day. In the spirit of rogues past, here then, is a gallery of beguiling GIFs to bring out the merry prankster in us all.

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