Frank Gallagher’s Fatherly Advice: 20 ‘Shameless’ GIFs William H. Macy Should Use in His Own Defense

Photo: Showtime

If you’ve been passed out under a rock (again, really?), you might’ve missed the latest trending scandal, Operation Varsity Blues, in which William H. Macy‘s wife (actress Felicity Huffman), Lori Loughlin, and several others are facing federal charges in what officials are calling “the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”

Coincidentally, Macy stars in Shameless, Showtime’s backwards family story about Frank Gallagher, the most utterly irresponsible degenerate dad in Southside Chicago. A father of six, Frank spends his entire life relentlessly drinking (despite a failed liver), scamming the government for welfare and freeloading off his kids, led by Emmy Rossum, who manage to thrive more in his absence.

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In light of the new scandal, we thought Macy should take his own fatherly advice from Frank. Which is why we’ve rounded up the most absolutely shameless GIFs from one of the worst father figures in TV history. They’re almost as hilarious and admirable as paying to go college.

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