Meanwhile in Florida: Super Mom Holds Teen So Her Kid Could Beat Him Up, Nice Little Mother-Son Afternoon

Raising kids is hard, especially when it comes to figuring out how to spend quality time together in this workaday world. It’s a thankless job that often leads to getting sued over porn. That’s why one Florida mom is making headlines for coming up with the perfect way to bond with her teenaged son.

The idea came to super mom Ashley Ruffin while she was picking up her son from school. Her son was hanging out with a group of boys outside the gym at Indian Trails Middle School when a skirmish began. Or more specifically, her son and his friend had decided to attack another boy.

Sensing a priceless bonding opportunity, Ruffin quickly ran over and joined in on the fun. One hand grabbed the middle schooler’s hair, the other locked his arm up behind his back. Then, according to eyewitnesses, Ruffin invited her son and his friends to get their licks in while the gettin’ as good. It was exactly like when the cool mom at school surprise treats everyone to ice cream on a school night, but better.

After the beating was over, Ruffin and her son headed out to slow-motion hug in the parking lot. Meanwhile, the victim’s mom reported the incident to a teacher at the school who notified the police – a win-win for both mothers who finally got a chance to connect with their angsty, pubescent offspring.

For other moms looking for the Ashley Ruffin magic, other great bonding exercises include: Where to punch someone to inflict the most damage. How hard to punch someone who’s not looking. And five ultimate cheap shots to gain the upper hand on the playground.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with Ruffin’s cutting-edge mothering style. Flager County Sheriff Rick Staly charged her with battery and child abuse, and said he doubts Ruffin “will receive a mother of the year award.”

We beg to differ.

Cover Photo: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (Getty Images)

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