Meanwhile in Texas: Mom Arrested After Posing as Daughter For Entire Day at Middle School (And Her Reason Why Is Somewhat Insane)

Move over, Ferris Bueller. There’s a new way of getting out of school – and it involves sending a parent in your stead. That’s what happened in Texas, where a mom took her daughter’s place for almost a full day of middle school before she got caught – and was arrested.

30-year-old Casey Garcia does not look like a teenager. But she dressed in a hoodie, face mask, and high-top sneakers. She strapped a backpack on and slipped into a San Elizario middle school pretending to be her 13-year-old daughter Julie. Apparently, she passed – greeting the principal, chatting with faculty members, and eating lunch with other students – until seventh period, when her deception was discovered. Then police got involved, and charged with suspicion of criminal trespassing and tampering with government records.

Weird, right? So, why did this wacko mom take her daughter’s place in school? Well, as she explained in a series of YouTube videos about the ordeal, she was trying to make a point about school safety. She believes tighter security is needed and that her ability to wander around school undetected indicates that a school shooter could do the same thing.

“I don’t think it should have ever gotten this far. I’m telling you right now we need better security at our schools — this is what I tried to prove,” she said in her defense. “This is about our children and the safety of our children. That’s all I’m trying to do is prevent another mass shooting.”

OK, mom. Good luck doing that from jail, where last we heard she was being held on $7,908 bond.

Cover Photo: YouTube