The Mandatory Back to School Guide For Unfit Parents Whose Kids Are Not Going Back to School

Photo: FatCamera (Getty Images)

Whether or not school resumes with in-person classes, many parents will be opting to keep their kids home. With questions up in the air about social distancing, the fact that kids really don’t like washing their hands, whether or not their kids will actually keep their masks on, and the pandemic continuing to loom largely on modern life, many schools (if they’re open) are going to be missing large portions of their student population.

This means that parents who previously never considered homeschooling will be forced to figure out how to teach their kids lessons more important than how to scroll through Netflix and the intricacies of microwaving cold coffee.

To ease some of the stresses involved in figuring out just what life lessons you’ll be teaching your little rug rats when they aren’t Zooming with their actual teachers, we came up with a list of easy lessons you can implement at home. Children are our future and you want them to be prepared, don’t you?

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