Pot Talk: 8 Toking Tips For Keeping Straight-Laced People Blind to Your Crooked Ways

Photo: Petri Oeschger (Getty Images)

Now that weed‘s legalized all over the place, getting stoned is practically fashionable. That said, not everyone is down with your constant 420 vibes, so if you plan to be stoned AF, it wouldn’t kill you to be discrete at (high) times. Instead of crawling out of your skin paranoid that everyone under the sun, including your boss, knows you’re toking up, here are some hot tips to throw those pot-sniffing bloodhounds off that dank scent.

Just tell them it’s hemp, or check out these 8 toker tips below.

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What’s your primo tip for keeping it together in public while you’re high? If it’s not on our list, share it in the comments!

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