Pot Talk: How To Sound Like You’ve Bought Weed Before When Visiting a Dispensary

Photo: Heath Korvola (Getty Images)

What up, brah, want to get high? Seriously though, as you may or may not know, weed has been legalized for recreational use in 10 states already, and it’s rapidly spreading to the point that marijuana can be readily and easily accessible by the general public. Finally.

Which means, it’s only a matter of time before it’s raining Mary Jane and everyone you pass is blowing vape smoke in your face. If you decide to partake, here are some tips to keep you from looking like a schmuck when you visit your first dispensary. For starters, if you say things like “rolling up a grass doobie,” you’re immediately ancient.

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Do any of you O.G. dispensary pros have any tips for noobs? Share them in the comments!

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