30 ‘Seinfeld’ Classic Moments to Celebrate Three Decades of Nothing

On July 5, 1989, a scrappy TV sitcom called The Seinfeld Chronicles debuted on NBC. The show, from writers Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, was deemed dead on arrival (having already been canceled by execs at NBC based on a previous test-audience viewing). Thankfully, critics loved the pilot and when positive reviews started rolling in, NBC ordered a four-episode season (the smallest in television history). Suddenly, Seinfeld had a pulse.

The show about nothing quickly became the show about everything, reaching No. 1 in the Nielsen ratings. And even if 30 years later some of the jokes are dated, the underlying themes still resonate and continue to inspire single, tidy 30-somethings to navigate the dating world with artful compulsion. In honor of Seinfeld turning 30 (old enough to run for president in 2024), we’ve rounded up our 30 favorite GIFs from the greatest sitcom of all-time.

Cover Photo: David Turnley (Getty Images)

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