Murray Bauman

The Murray Bauman Handguide for Handling the Stranger Things in Life (Including Area 51)

Murray Bauman from Stranger Things epitomizes a certain type of persona: a jaded, pajama-wearing, occasionally drunk conspiracy theorist. The quick-witted investigative journalist turned recluse is almost always on to something; he anticipated a Russian presence in Hawkins way before anyone else. One could even call “Bald Eagle” Bauman a stand-in for the audience—he calls out characters for being cliché and is very anti-establishment, like the internet’s current (yet eternal) obsession with things like Area 51. For those of you looking at the stars and quietly whispering, “Don’t abduct me,” or for anyone who curses authority, here are six tips for putting your paranoia to good use. Warning: Minor spoilers ahead. 

Cover Photo: Netflix

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