Harvard Researchers Suggest Aliens Are Probing Us From Outer Space

Photo: Apostoli Rossella (Getty Images)

In late 2017, a large object made its way past the sun and immediately caught the attention scientists. It looked like a spaceship straight out of the movie Aliens and now researchers are starting to wonder if art is truly imitating life.

A paper by a pair of Harvard University scholars recently published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters suggests the flattened, stadium-sized object in space dubbed “Oumuamua” might be a probe sent by aliens outside of our solar system.

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The possible alien spaceship has been traveling at a high rate of speed and maneuvers differently than some random object floating through space. This had led scientists to wonder if there’s someone behind the wheel of this enormous version of an intergalactic tour bus.

3D Illustration of “Oumuamua.” Photo: Aunt_Spray (Getty Images)

It’s difficult to say there are truly aliens aboard this thing since no telescope is strong enough to peek into the windows (if any) and see what’s going on inside. The object’s trajectory also suggests light might reflect off its surface to create a sort of sail powered by the sun. This also lends to the idea it might have been manufactured that way by someone or something.

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At this time, Oumuamua has left our solar system and aliens didn’t jump ship to land on Earth. That’s not to say, however, the object wasn’t a scouting ship that sent data about us back to their home planet and now they know all about us. They probably could have skipped the long trip and watched cable news or scrolled through Twitter to know where our society is headed.


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