RANKED! Our 10 Favorite Pairs of Michael Air Jordan Sneakers During His Time With the Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan spent so much time airborne with the Chicago Bulls in the late ’80s and early ’90s it’s a wonder he even bothered wearing sneakers. If you’ve watched The Last Dance, you’ll know they didn’t call him His Airness because of flatulence; it was because of his epic hang times and relentless drive. Whether dueling Charles Barkley or bounding over animated aliens, Jordan was contractually obligated to sport Nike Air Jordans.

The ball player’s celebrity made the little shoe company into the beloved global exploiter of child labor it is today. In fact, a pair of Jordan’s used Nikes recently sold at auction for a staggering $560,000. He single-footedly kickstarted the sneaker industrial complex, now a $62.5 billion dollar market. In this list, we look back at the most fly sneakers the G.O.A.T wore during his golden days on the court.

Cover Photo: Edward Berthelot (Getty Images)

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