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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Make Quarantine Documentary (Of Course), Wants Your Stories

Like many of us, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is trying to stay busy during coronavirus quarantine. Unlike us, however, he has a pretty big platform on which to do so. HITRECORD is a collaboration of over 750,000 creatives that Gordon-Levitt oversees. It includes animation, photography, poetry, and song projects, among many others. But Gordon-Levitt’s next endeavor is a real slice-of-life experience. He wants to make a pandemic documentary, and he wants you to help him do it.

“I started a project on @HITRECORD about how COVID-19 is not impacting everyone equally. It doesn’t feel fair to me that some people (like me) get to work from home, while others don’t have that choice,” he wrote on an Instagram post last week. “Economic inequality leads to different outcomes for different people. How much money you have dictates your ability to stay safe from something like this. That doesn’t feel right, and I want to talk about it.”

Gordon-Levitt is asking contributors to write, draw, talk on camera, shoot videos, or take photos about their outbreak experiences. Get into your flow state and submit your contribution here until April 21. Just don’t expect any royalties.

Cover Photo: Christian Petersen / Staff (Getty Images)

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